How I ended up here.

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What started as a creative outlet, has quickly turned into an almost full time business. I started this page in 2019. I had just graduated from completing my CPA designation. Staring at a screen all day, and coming home to Netflix was really taking a toll on my mental health. That is when I decided to hone in on my creative brain again. This side of me always existed. During my undergraduate days, I use to do baby and bridal shower decor, however, the stress of a demanding academic program made me put that on the back burner. 

This business was founded on a $200 Cricut machine and selling Starbucks cups. However as you know, the barriers to entry were minimal and the local competition quickly caught on. Here's a shot of our year one best seller. We must of sold over 1000 of these in our first year.

As is usual with me, I quickly capped out on my creativity with my Cricut, and invested in a hobby laser cutter. I quickly learned the ins and outs of design softwares and became a well known local vendor. As we continued to get more and more busy, the hobby laser cutter just wasn't fast enough. In 2021 we invested in a commercial grade CNC cutter and it is the best thing I have ever done for my business. I am continuing to learn its capabilities and can't wait to show all the exciting items we have coming. 
Follow along on this little blog for a glimpse into my business, how to run your own personalized luxury goods business and a peak into my personal life. 
So happy you are here.

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